WALKING OUT is an adaptation of the masterful short story by David Quammen-- and stars Josh Wiggins (HELLION, MAX), Matt Bomer (NORMAL HEART, MAGIC MIKE), Bill PullmanLily Gladstone (WINTER IN THE BLOOD and Sundance premiere CERTAIN WOMEN), and Alex Neuestadter (ITHAKA, THE COLONY). Our experienced team of producers: Brunson Green (THE HELP, A UNITED KINGDOM) Laura IveyJulie LynnBonnie Curtis and filmmaker Rodrigo Garcia.

In WALKING OUT, David, 14, a kid from Texas, travels to rural Montana for his annual hunting trip with Cal, his estranged father. As they ascend into the wilderness, Cal teaches David about predators & prey, rifles & rituals, the harsh present & the haunted past. For every step forward they make, they slip two steps back in their fraught, tenuous relationship. When man versus mountain results in a serious injury to Cal, David must lift his father onto his back-- and carry him out. With Cal constantly losing blood, each step becomes more epic than the last. Their journey strips them of everything-- but also gives them a way to love each other. In doing so, the son becomes the father of the man.

WALKING OUT is a primal tale of connection, survival and the true path to manhood. At its core, it takes on American/Western mythos and examines whether violence is the necessary path to masculine maturity. Our film cuts against the grain of this assumption-- suggesting that survival, that becoming a true man-- may depend on compassion instead.